Roof racks and accessories specialist

Roof racks and accessories specialist
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Gearhead provides a variety of specialised products designed for you and your vehicle.

The roof of your car has become one of the most popular and versatile places to carry your gear. Rack systems from Inno and Seasucker offer a great fit for your vehicle and safe, reliable transport for your favorite things. You also have the option to mix and match accessories to carry a variety of items at one time.

A system for your roof requires a rack system specific for your vehicle. Then you can choose the accessories that are appropriate for your gear. With a system on your roof, you can ensure ease of use, safe transport for your gear and, security from theft.

The rack system is the starting point for any system on the roof of your car. In the days when all cars had rain gutters it was easy to sell a one size fits all rack and have good results. Today we have cars with rain gutters, cars without rain gutters, mini-vans and SUV’s that may or may not have factory racks as well as pick-up trucks. With so many different options, it is important to get the correct fit information for your given vehicle.

Most rack systems consist of 3 or 4 components to make a complete rack. Locks can also be added to secure the rack to your car. We recommend contacting us directly to determine the components required to fit your vehicle.

Once you have the base rack on your vehicle you can select the accessories you will need to carry your gear. Quality bike accessories, roof decks and cargo boxes are all available from both Inno and Seasucker.

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